With the climate changing faster than at any point in human history, aggressive action to reduce greenhouse gases is urgent. The energy sector, accounting for two thirds of global emissions, must be a top priority for action if we are to keep temperature rise well below 2°C. Transitioning to renewable energy, underpinned by energy efficiency measures, is the single most effective way to rapidly reduce emissions.

For this reason, the RE Track at COP22 aims to showcase a series of events linked through a common narrative: renewable energy as the solution to climate change. Follow the renewable energy discussion at COP22 at #REenergise.

If you are organizing a renewable energy event at COP22, let us know by registering it below.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of the many events in Marrakesh celebrating our progress towards a renewable energy future.


November 5

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Isolated Off-grid Communities

When:: 12:00, 5 November 2016
Where: Marrakech
There is an urgent need to transition from the current power system, which is based on the burning of fossil fuels, to another based on natural resources that are not only renewable but also plentiful and available. This study aims at setting guidelines and making a route map for designing and launching an autonomous hybrid power system isolated from the electric grid to meet the power load needs of El Durazno, Cordoba, Argentina, a place with a population of around 100 inhabitants.
Organisers: CIPDH Argentina - Local COY12 (Buenos Aires)
Contact: Melania Tarquino, melatarquino@gmail.com

November 7

Unlocking Climate Finance for Decentralized Energy Access Serving Both Development and the Climate

When: 14:00, 7 November 2016
Where: Africa Pavilion Salle 1
If we are serious about our commitments to provide universal energy access and combat dangerous climate change decentralized renewable energy (DRE) like mini-grids and solar home systems has a key role to play. Research by IIED and Hivos shows that until now only about three percent of international public climate finance targets decentralized solutions. This side event brings together different stakeholders from research SE4ALL governments and International Financial Institutions to explore in a dialogue what changes could unlock climate finance for energy access for all.
Organisers: Hivos
Contact: Mareike Britten, Hivos, mbritten@hivos.org 
Website: https://hivos.org/sites/default/files/invitation_to_hivos_side_event_cop22_africa_pavilion.pdf

November 8

Solar Resource: Assessing a Typical Year Data

When: 16:30, 8 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
Developing a Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) requires the combination of satellite and ground data in order to achieve a representative analysis of the site in question. The accuracy of the data is an important part in the elaboration of TMYs, which are useful on many levels, particularly for developers who use them for solar-plant sizing. This side event will address these different areas, with a primary focus on the methods used to determine TMYs, and on their usefulness. 
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

November 9

Solar Energy: Beyond Electricity Production

When: 11:30, 9 November 2016
Where: Marrakech
The mainstreaming of renewable energy in general, and solar energy in particular, is part of the measures that will contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Moroccan industry. The use of this resource is no longer limited to power generation, as it extends to more complex industrial processes. This side event will focus on the use of solar energy in fields other than power generation, particularly in the industrial sector, with various potential applications in other sectors, and will attempt to answer: What are the possible uses of solar energy in the industrial sector? What are the most-used solar processes in the world? What is the development potential of these technologies in Morocco? What are the development assets and constraints specific to the Moroccan context? How can Moroccan industry adopt these applications?
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

Green economy, a new entrepreneurship opportunity

When: 14:30, 9 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
Entrepreneurship has become an essential lever of socio-economic development, and applying this powerful lever to green technologies and renewable energy is bound to boost the job market through the creation of new start-ups that offer green services and products to meet local and regional needs. Solar Cluster/ Morocco Climate Innovation Center are host to about 20 incubated entrepreneurs and 5 start-ups that are seeking to develop their activities in Morocco and abroad. This side event will lean on the Moroccan solar-cluster experience in terms of start-up support, with the aim of drawing recommendations on job creation in the area of renewable energy. 
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

On-farm renewables and sustainable intensification to address climate change and food security

When:15:00 – 16:30, 9 November 2016
Where: Pacific 150
Opportunities to enhance food security through sustainable intensification and transforming the worlds energy systems through renewable energy co-benefits and trade-offs around land use and deforestation concerns and exploration of funding options with real-life experiences of farmers.
Organisers: Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Contact: Drew Black, drew@canadian-farmers.ca
Website: http://www.wfo-oma.com/

November 10

Solar Heroes of the Tahala Village

When: 9:00, 10 November 2016
Where: Green Zone - Ziz, Climate Convention Centre
Solar heroes are everyday people who have decided to follow the renewable and solar energy path towards 100RE for a more resilient society and community. The event will present solar heroes from the Moroccan village of Tahala that will testify on how solar energy contributed in increasing the resilience of their society. A virtual photo exhibition will be projected throughout the event. The panel will include members of the Tahala grid project as well as the local community of Tahala village, and discussions will resolve around the theme of renewable energy and its contribution to a more resilient society.
Organisers: Greenpeace Mediterranean
Contact: Julien Jreissati, Greenpeace, julien.jreissati@greenpeace.org 
Website: www.greenpeacearabic.org

REN, A New Social Leverage

When: 10:30, 10 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
Masen’s work consists in ensuring the integration of solar complexes within their environment, bringing added value to the communities through short-term and medium-term structural projects, thus creating local momentum around the plants and facilitating the economic and social development of the said communities. Solar projects are, in this sense, an engine of socio-economic development at the regional and national levels. This side event aims to showcase Masen’s experience with its Ouarzazate project, giving voice namely to the beneficiaries of Masen’s activities and its partners.
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

Zero Carbon Transition: Shifting Investments Towards Renewable Energy and Achieving Energy for All

When: 16:45, 10 November 2016
Where: Pacific Room
We will discuss the national and regional case for a shift to renewable energy energy in four regions of the world. We will identify the challenges, opportunities and drivers of change towards a zero carbon world. We will discuss ways forward to closing the ambition gap, while delivering sustainable energy development.
Organisers: Christian Aid, Climate Action Network Latin America & Climate Action Network Europe
Contact: Alison Doig, ADoig@christian-aid.org
Website: www.cop22.ma/en/side-events#programmes?category=3

November 11

COP22: Unlocking Climate & Energy Responsive Solutions for African Cities

When: 10:00, 11 November 2016
Where: Green Zone
Cities globally consume up to 80% of total global energy production and release about 75% of global CO2 emissions. The event will use the occasion of COP22 to gather stakeholders to discuss opportunities to drive the sustainable urban energy transition in African cities. The event will showcase the transformative ways for African cities to create their sustainable urban energy future. It will present the outcomes of the EUEI PDF study on future energy scenarios for African cities, highlight cutting-edge practice examples, and discuss policy choices for cities to capitalize on the opportunities presented by renewable energy and energy efficiency. The main objective of the session is to discuss the role of city administrations for the transition into a sustainable energy supply in urban settlements.
Organisers: EUEI PDF
Contact: Silvia Escudero, EUEI PDF silvia.escudero@euei-pdf.org 
Website: http://www.euei-pdf.org/en/seads/thematic-research-and-knowledge-sharing/cop22-unlocking-climate-energy-responsive-solutions

Global Climate Action Agenda’s Energy Day

When: 10:00-16:00, 11 November 2016
Where: Blue Zone
With the Paris Agreement coming into force on November 4th, governments have signalled a powerful commitment to act rapidly to address climate change. Keeping temperature rise well below 2 degrees; will ultimately require the complete decarbonisation of the global energy system. Energy Day at COP22 — November 11, 2016 — will be an important forum to discuss the fast action necessary to drive that transition; A line-up of powerful and engaging speakers from a diverse range of governments, business and international organizations will showcase progress, identify obstacles, and explore solutions.
Logistical Note 
Contact: Elizabeth Press, IRENA, epress@irena.org

What are the Advantages of Storage for an ENR-based Energy Mix?

When: 10:30, 11 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
The use of renewable energy has become a priority on the global agenda, and it has been catching on remarkably year on year. However, renewable-energy supply remains intermittent, undermining its own system’s reliability and network stability. Given the significance of this challenge, international studies have examined various storage technologies that could work with renewable energy to redress a frequently tilted supply-demand balance. Admittedly, storage has become today a pre-condition for the sustainable development of intermittent renewable energy and its mainstreaming into the energy mix. This side event is an information platform aiming to highlight the importance of storage in deploying renewable energy and in helping to balance supply and demand.
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

REN: A Promising Development, Especially for Emerging Markets

When: 14:30, 11 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
In Morocco, national will has played a momentous role in propelling the effective and quick deployment of renewable-power installations across the Kingdom. Also, the strengthening of the regulatory framework, the elaboration of appropriate trainings, and the interest expressed by international developers have all augured well for the continued development of various renewable industries at the national level. That is the backdrop of this side event, which will highlight evolutionary trends in the energy market, and mainly on renewables. It will also address aspects related to the cost of harnessing renewable energies and the challenges facing investors in emerging markets.
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

Innovative Financing Mechanisms or How to Optimize REN Tariffs

When: 16:30, 11 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
The development of renewable-energy projects requires investment, which often impedes the deployment of these technologies and of large-scale projects in many regions. In order to support the struggle against climate change and sustain mitigation efforts, climate funding, as well as the whole international fabric of funding mechanisms, have gone through an undeniable evolution. This side event will bring together several speakers, including representatives of commercial banks, development banks, and investment funds, who will present their respective funding approaches, products, and tools. This will be followed by an exchange of beneficiary-country stories and experiences as well as a conversation about the roll-out of innovative mechanisms – both public and private – for funding renewable-energy projects.
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma


November 12

REN, Seizing the Business Opportunity

When: 14:30, 12 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
Morocco has become a leader in the deployment of large-scale solar-power plants. Noor 1, 2, 3 and NOOR PVI are the concrete manifestations of the country’s leading position in this field, helping it develop an integrated local expertise, both directly and indirectly, around these projects. Besides working to reduce energy dependency and generate environmental and social benefits, Morocco aims to develop competitiveness of industrial sectors by developing the renewable-energy sector. This side event will showcase Morocco’s model to seize the economic opportunity offered by REN development, and address the following questions: What is the key to a successful industrial integration within an international context that advocates total free-market economy? What are the obstacles that can hinder this integration process? What are the prerequisites for a successful integration? What is the role of private and institutional actors? 
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

How to financially boost a "Green greenfield"?

When: 16:30, 12 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
A number of factors can hinder investment in green technology: First, green technologies will likely compete with entrenched technologies; second, the real and perceived returns on investment cannot be immediate; third, there naturally are real and perceived risks associated with emerging technologies. Green technologies also face traditional infant-industry challenges like market size, lack of awareness, and lack of confidence. These barriers are exacerbated in the developing world, where the capitalistic investment can be challenging and the business case may be even less clear for the private sector. 
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

November 13

How Corporate Sourcing of Renewable Energy Can Accelerate Progress towards Climate Objectives

When: 11:30 – 12:30, 13 November 2016
Where: Hotel Palm Plaza (World Climate Summit)
Corporate sourcing of renewables has become a rapidly increasing trend and corporations around the world have announced ambitious commitments. This event will discuss the role of corporate sourcing in accelerating renewable energy deployment and meeting climate objectives. With representatives from both governments and corporations, it will focus on the main drivers of corporate demand for cost-competitive renewable energy, its potential, and the enabling frameworks needed to support various forms of corporate sourcing of renewables. As contribution to the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Corporate Sourcing of Renewables Campaign, IRENA will also launch the work on REmade Index.
Organisers: IRENA, CEM, RE100, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Contact: Stephanie Weckend, SWeckend@irena.org 
Website: http://worldclimatesummit.org
Register here to participate: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/world-climate-summit-2016-building-on-the-global-deal-tickets-27989160332

Decarbonising the Global Economy: Thinking Differently to Achieve a Renewable Energy Future

When: 13:30 – 14:30, 13 November 2016
Where: Hotel Palm Plaza (World Climate Summit)
The transformation of the power sector is already well under way. As variable renewables present an increasing share of the total electricity supply, new challenges and opportunities will arise. This high level plenary session will focus on opportunities for accelerating renewables deployment towards a decarbonisation of the global economy. Special emphasis will be placed on end-use sectors, public-private partnerships and innovative technologies that can further transform the energy sector.
Organisers: IRENA
Contact: Henning Wuester, Henning Wuester
Website: http://worldclimatesummit.org
Register here to participate: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/world-climate-summit-2016-building-on-the-global-deal-tickets-27989160332

Accelerating Renewable Energy Deployment in SIDS

When: 14:30 – 15:30, 13 November 2016
Where: Hotel Palm Plaza (World Climate Summit)
This high level dialogue will take stock of renewable energy progress achieved in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), highlight successful cases of renewable energy deployment and emphasise priority action areas. The event will also seek to strengthen the commitment of partners to the SIDS Lighthouses and other initiatives as increased focus is placed on implementation of the global sustainable development and climate agendas.
Organisers: IRENA, the Alliance of Small Island States
Contact: Elizabeth Press, IRENA, epress@irena.org
Website: http://worldclimatesummit.org
Register here to participate: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/world-climate-summit-2016-building-on-the-global-deal-tickets-27989160332

November 14

The COP22 Youth Circle

When: 12:30, Monday, 14 November 2016
Where: The Reception Hall at the Blue Zone
With the aim of integrating youth on climate change that will affect our future, we provide a platform for youth to exchange ideas and discuss best practices on mitigating climate change. We'd welcome you to join to exchange details and information on how you can all build on each other's great work. Students from the UAE and Canada have volunteered to stay around after the Youth Circle, and facilitate some dialogue between all the youth and student participants. Please feel free to use these hashtags before, during and after the event: #UAEforClimate #YouthCircle
Organisers: UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
Contact: Shaima Al Aydarous, SALAYDAROUS@moccae.gov.ae

EU Energy Day: Joint solutions for a sustainable planet

When: 09:00–18:00, 14 November 2016
Where: EU Pavilion
European Union Energy Day Joint solutions for a sustainable planet is an event organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy in the framework of COP22. It is a unique opportunity for key clean energy players to gather and share knowledge on how to move quickly towards a sustainable planet in line with the Paris Agreement.
Organisers: Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission
Contact: Angela Grassi, info@euenergyday.eu
Website: www.euenergyday.eu

Making the INDCs a Reality: Role of renewable energy in meeting the 1.5C target

When: 11:30, 14 November 2016
Where: Room Austral - Blue Zone
Cities, islands and regions already prove today that achieving 100 percent renewable energy is not only feasible but also beneficial for the society, if the right policy framework facilitates the transformation. Despite this logic, policymakers especially on national level have not taken up measures commensurate with the urgency to act. This side event provides a platform to unveil some of the underlying challenges and propose concrete solutions to implement the Paris Agreement. Practitioners and experts share their insights in an interactive dialogue.
Organisers: REN21, World Future Council, Greenpeace 
Contact: Laura Williamson, laura.williamson@ren21.net
Website: www.ren21.net

The First Masen Complex in Ouarzazate – A Successful Architecture and Landscape Integration

When: 16:30, 14 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
Over a 3,000ha area, NOOR Ouarzazate will host 4 solar-power plants of complementary, solar-thermal, and photovoltaic technologies, with a total capacity of 580 MW. Each of the Complex’s infrastructures was designed in line with an innovative architectural concept that guides the entire project. The aim is to fully integrate the Complex within the larger landscape of the Ouarzazate region, thus contributing to the RENichment of its traditional architecture and promoting its tourism industry. This side event will focus on the main arrangements considered by Masen for each plant-construction stage, from ensuring the respect of the environment and proper water and energy management. It will also highlight the ancestral know-how for which NOOR Ouarzazate is the custodian.
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

Renewables Working Together Rural City National Regional and Island Approaches

When: 16:45, 14 November 2016
Where: Observer Room 5 (300)
Since COP21, renewable energies have taken centre stage in the climate change process. This event will analyse key challenges and prospects at five levels of renewable energy deployment. Case studies and best practices demonstrating renewables working together in different contexts will be presented.
Organisers: REN Alliance
Contact: Joanna Costello, REN Alliance, costello@ises.org 
Website: https://ises.org/news/latest-news/single/artikel/ren-alliance-side-event-at-cop22/

Realising Renewable Energy Potential in Africa through NDC Implementation

When: 18:30-20:00, 14 November 2016
 Blue Zone, Austral (Observer room 5)
With the objective of exchanging experiences, this side event will discuss the process of realising  renewable energy potential through Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) implementation. A particular focus will be given to accessing available and emerging financing option, and the importance and opportunities of strengthening partnerships. The event provides an occasion for countries, finance institutes and non-government entities to discuss their efforts, challenges, opportunities as well as the different roles and responsibilities to move forward with an inclusive implementation of NDCs.
Organisers: IRENA, ENDA-TM
Contact: Safiatou Alzouma, IRENA, SALzouma@irena.org

November 16

Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance - H2O minus CO2

When: 09:30 – 11:00, 16 November 2016
Where: Arabian Room – Blue Zone
The Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance H2O minus CO2 is one of those initiatives under the LPAA focusing on CO2 emission reductions in the desalination industry. The side event will cover an overview of the Alliance and its results and future steps in low carbon desalination. The Alliance will setup a framework for actions aimed at fostering a speedier transition to use more energy efficient technologies and clean energy for production of desalinated water capable to meet the growing needs of potable water worldwide. The proposed approach is holistic covering research and development capacity building through a knowledge platform as well as short medium and long-term commitments to achieve a constant transition toward reduced energy consumption and increasing shares of clean energy for desalination until nearly only clean energy sources are used. 
Organisers: Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company - Masdar and French Government Administration
Contact: Fatima Al Suwaidi, falsuwaidi@masdar.ae 

The Green Climate Fund as seen by Masen: Challenges and Opportunities

When: 14:30, 16 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
For most entities involved in the climate-change struggle, obtaining accreditation from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is an opportunity to support their mitigation and adaptation projects as well as a great challenge. For Masen, the stakes are multi-faceted: GCF accreditation would enable the agency to cement its credibility as an adopter of solid and transparent internal procedures. It also consolidates the relevance of its approach while diversifying funding sources by having direct access to a green and economical funding. This side event will be an opportunity for Masen to showcase its experience as has already engaged its accreditation process. ADA, the first Moroccan entity to be accredited by GCF, KfW, an accredited development bank, as well as climate finance experts will exchange views and experience on the accreditation process. 
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

Trusting Partnerships for Climate Resilience Adaptation in Remote Indigenous Communities

When: 15:00, 16 November 2016
Where: Arabian Room – Blue Zone
Explore the creative alliances between Indigenous and non-Indigenous actors that establish trust and build climate resilience, in Canadian and global South Indigenous communities. Impactful solutions for building knowledge and capacity, and implementing renewable energy infrastructure, will be presented. The event’s panellists are Michael Brooks (Journalist), Kansie Fox (Kainai First Nation), Laura Lynes (Rockies Institute), Fabiola Ortiz (Discourse Media) and Greg Poelzer (USask) Organisers: University of Waterloo, Waterloo Global Science Initiative, the Rockies Institute 
Organisers: University of Waterloo, Waterloo Global Science Initiative, the Rockies Institute
Contact: Julie Wright, jwright@wgsi.org 
Website: http://wgsi.org/wgsi-cop22

Challenges and Evaluation of REN in Developing Economies

When: 16:30, 16 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
Several countries have turned to renewable energy as a sector that can sustainably contribute to socio-economic development. In Morocco, bold objectives have been set (including a target to reach a 42%-renewable energy mix by 2020 and 52%-renewable by 2030) namely through the roll-out of the country’s national solar plan, NOOR, by Masen. Projects are designed and developed in such a way as to maximise socio-economic impact within their catchment area. This means that a country’s energy choices – whether to cope with environmental constraints, technological shifts, development needs, or unreliable energy supply – could also bring about economic change. 
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma

Micro-grids take Wing: a panel discussion with Bertrand Piccard

When: 16:45, 16 November 2016
Where: Green Zone
Around 13 billion people have no access to electricity. Around half of them are in Africa. How can we increase access to electricity and its benefits without adversely impacting the environment? One solution that is gaining interest across the world is micro-grids, which are helping remote islanded communities to reduce their dependency on polluting fuels. ABB and Bertrand Piccard are committed to decoupling economic development from environmental degradation. The ICRC is committed to energy solutions that are as environmentally friendly as possible to enable their staff to continue their life-saving work uninterrupted in the field. The panellists will exchange their views on the ways in which clean energy solutions are currently being used, and their future potential. 
Organisers: ABB
Contact: Conor Lennon, ABB, conor.lennon@ch.abb.com
Website: www.abb.com

Biofuture Platform Launch Event

When: 17:00, 16 November 2016
Where: Morocco Pavilion
Official launch of the Biofuture Platform which has been proposed by the government of Brazil to select leading countries in the field of the bioeconomy. The ultimate purpose of the Biofuture Platform is to help in the global fight against climate change, nurturing solutions in low carbon transport and the bioeconomy that can aid countries to reach their Nationally Determined Contribution targets, as well as to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The launch event will be open to the representatives of the founding member countries, as well as invitees from international organizations, the private sector, civil society and academia.
Organisers: Brazil and Morocco
Contact: Luis Fernando Machado, drn@itamaraty.gov.br
Website: www.biofutureplatform.org

November 17

How Attractive Is Carbon Finance Today?

When: 14:30, 17 November 2016
Where: Masen Stand - Green Zone
Carbon finance is one of the proposed international-policy tools in the fight against climate change. Alongside international negotiations, carbon finance has evolved thanks to the proliferation of instruments put in place. To better accompany its projects, Masen adopted a vision combining carbon finance with its Green Climate Fund (GCF) accreditation. This side event will highlight various aspects of carbon finance, namely its different existing mechanisms, its current state of development at the international level, and its evolutionary trends in light of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Masen will share its experience in this regard, so as to initiate an exchange of ideas on carbon-finance attractiveness for renewable-energy projects.
Organisers: Masen
Contact: Noura Marsse, n.marsse@masen.ma
Website: www.masen.ma


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With the climate changing faster than at any point in human history, aggressive implementation of national climate plans is key. The energy sector, accounting for two-thirds of global emissions, must be a top priority for action if we are to keep temperature rise below 2°C. Transitioning to renewable energy, underpinned by energy efficiency measures, is the single most effective way to achieve this.


Please send any questions to re-energising@irena.org